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CAREER WEB PORTFOLIOS: A New Way to Showcase Your Credentials

A Career Web Portfolio provides enables you to go beyond the standard resume to present your resume, biography, achievements, projects, photographs, to add greater value to your candidacy with high-impact job search marketing tools such as:

 thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44Letters of recommendation (or quotes) from prior employers. 

 thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44Charts and/or graphs depicting quantifiable achievements.  

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Detailed challenges faced, actions taken and results achieved. 

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Photos or project graphics awards, or applied models used, etc. 

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Abstracts of published articles. 

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Flow charts of career progress / goal mastery. 

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Extensive lists of specialized training. 

thumbs_125979-matte-white-square-icon-symbols-shapes-check-mark8-sc44 Personal philosophy, strengths, skills.


Designed and developed by a Certified Web Portfolio Practitioner, it allows you to present a unique brand, a deeper level of value, and a resource that you can leverage in resume distribution, telephone interviews, in-person presentations, networking, and much more. Your web portfolio provides an opportunity for you to go beyond the standard resume to present your resume, biography, achievements, projects, photographs, to add greater value to your candidacy.


With a Career Web Portfolio, the sky is virtually the limit for what you can do to visually show your prospective employer your value. Consider that studies by psychologists have proven that people remember up to 11% of what they read, up to 20% of what they hear and up to 52% of what they hear and see. Therefore, you can dramatically increase your results by integrating a web portfolio which furnishes high-impact visual personal marketing materials.


Traditional Resume


Surpassed all quarterly sales goals since joining company in 2001:

- 112% to goal for 1st qtr. 2001; 127% for 2nd qtr. 2001; 118% for 3rd qtr. 2001; 142 for 4th qtr. 2001; 115% for 1st qtr. 2002; 131% for 2nd qtr. 2002; 127% for 3rd quarter 2002; 144% for 4th quarter 2002.

Career Web Portfolio



Consistently exceeded quarterly quotas:


The visual impact of the bar graph is immense when coupled with the numbers.

Just think about the previous example for a moment. Your resume might have listed a number of accomplishments, but on your Career Web Portfolio, there is a bar graph which visually depicts your accomplishment in a way the interviewer can really SEE. Plus, they are now aware of your web portfolio and will be looking at it long after the memory of the other candidates have disappeared.

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